Our Mission

Our Mission is to help businesses meet their productivity goals and implement solutions geared toward achieving them.  We customize every solution based on the individual business needs.  With over 20 years experience in Information Technology we can handle issues quickly and efficiently thus keeping your business running smoothly.

Why Choose an MSP over Inhouse I.T.?

MSP's (Managed Service Providers) can save your company money by eliminating the need to hire an expensive Network Engineer full time.   You can save money on the large salary, benefits and taxes that come with hiring any employee.   Sciber Systems provides a flat monthly rate to your business that includes the services you choose to carry , billed using a simple platform.   You also have access to a team of knowledgeable Network Engineers that can multitask and work together to solve any issues quickly.


Managed Protection & Risk Management

With our State of the Art Managed Maintenance solutions your computer is always working at its peak performance.   With Nightly Automated Tasks performed on your computer as well as daily and hourly windows service checks, we can detect and correct any issues behind the scenes while you continue to work uninterrupted.   Our Managed Mainteannce services includes the Award winning BitDefender Antivirus.   Bitdefender is the Top Rated antivirus in I.T. Today and combined with our Cloud data backup solutions makes your system and files completely bullet proof.   All of these services are available at low yearly subscription rates.   Give us a call today to speak to one of our agents to get more information on this product.

Cloud Data Backup Protection Services

With our Cloud Data backup solutions you can rest assured that your all of your files are in a safe place.  Regardless of a lost laptop computer or a computer infected with Ransomware...  Our Backup solutions will let you recover from any disastrous event in no time.    We strive to provide our customers with quality and piece of mind so they can focus on more aspects of their business.


Email Migration Solutions

We Specialize in Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 Email Migrations.   We work diligently to get all of your email on a cloud based solution that follows and synchronizes among all of your devices.   Enter a Calendar appointment on any device from anywhere and have it readily available on any of your devices instantly!